Auditing company BDO excluded from the Register of audit firms eligible to audit banks. This was reported on the website of the NBU. “National Bank of Ukraine for the second consecutive year, reveals a number of irregularities in the work of audit firms that dealt with the improper execution by his duties as an auditor”, – stated in the message NBU. In particular, the analysis of audit reports regulator revealed evidence of confirmation by the auditor of false information contained in the annual financial statements of banks for the year 2015. In addition, contrary to the requirements of Art. 70 Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking Activity” the company did not inform in writing the National Bank of the identified during the audit and of other audit services misstatement of the financial statements, violations and shortcomings in the work of the banks, which may lead to its insolvency. Earlier, in September 2015, the National Bank of Ukraine has forbidden the eight companies to conduct audits of banks: OOO “Donetskinaudit” OOO AF “Ukrvostokaudit”, LLC “Ukrainian audit service”, OOO AF “Bliskor”, LLC “AF” Consultant “, OOO AF “Orton” PP “AF” Stavr “, LLC” Fink-audit. ” Recall how to write, the company carried out a series of audit of financial statements of banks, later recognized as insolvent, in particular, the Ukrainian Professional Bank, UkrBusinessBank, Ukrgazprombank, the bank “Taurica” Avant-Bank, Goszembanka bank “Petrocommerce-Ukraine”.

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